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    MRB Automation –
    Your Partner for Extreme Precision

    Your Vision Is Our Incentive – For Your Success

    Developing automated alignment systems, measuring and testing stations as well as calibration systems has been our passion for over 20 years. These days, MRB Automation is a high-tech mechanical engineering company specializing in high-precision systems, and part of the international SCIO Automation group. 
    Our customers include global players and hidden champions in the automotive (LED technologies), sensor technology, plastics technology, medical technology and precision mechanics/optics sectors. 

    Our Solutions

    Alignment Systems


    Measuring & Testing Systems


    Calibration Systems


    Manufacturing Precision Parts


    We’ll Be Right There With You on Your Journey to Developing Your High Precision System

    Studies and Consulting

    • Feasibility studies
    • Solution concepts
    • Technology consulting
    • Consultations on whether customer product designs are automation-compatible

    Design, Development and Manufacture

    • Building machines using cutting-edge 3D CAD systems
    • Electrical and pneumatic design with EPLAN
    • Producing parts on 3- and 5-axis CNC machines
    • CAM systems to produce CNC parts efficiently
    • Assembling equipment, building control cabinets, and installation by experiencedmechatronics engineers

    Software Development and Commissioning

    • Modular PLC programming
    • Many years of experience in programming based on NI-LabVIEW
    • Image processing systems
    • Robot programming
    • Data acquisition and archiving, MES connections

    Proof of Function, Training and Support

    • Proof of measurement capability
    • Extensive tools for ensuring that systems are working properly
    • User training
    • Remote analyses
    • On-site service

    Combining Technology & Quality, We’re With You Every Step of the Way to Your Success

    We bring your idea to life, make the impossible possible, and dare to tackle the most challenging technology tasks head on. Our long-standing partnerships with customers in a wide range of industries say it loud and clear: when you work with us, you don't just get the best solutions, you can also count on us providing extraordinary service & performance. 

    State-of-the-Art Technologies

    We use state-of-the-art, proven technologies and components for our solutions. At the same time, we always have an open mind to innovative new technologies coming on the market, with a view to using them to our customers’ benefit as soon as we possibly can.

    We Measure Ourselves on Your Success

    As far as we’re concerned, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. We'll work with you to develop the best and most innovative solution for your needs, always making sure that everything is cost-effective.

    Exceptional Quality and Safety

    We guarantee that your products will be the best possible quality, both in terms of the processes we use to adjust them, and the fact that we thoroughly test all of our parts to their limits.

    Long-Term Partnership

    We take our customers’ trust very seriously. We believe in working together fairly, professionally and over the long-term, as this means we can both play an active role in shaping the future of our businesses.

    Everything You Need, From a Single Source

    You can rest assured that, no matter how challenging your projects are, we’ll be up to the task. Our many years of experience with high-precision systems give us the expertise we need to provide you with an outstanding overall package.

    Innovations for Tomorrow

    We’re always thinking outside the box, developing new concepts and ideas. This drives us forward in our work, day in, day out. We’re constantly striving to create the next game-changing innovation as a team.


    Getting To Know MRB

    How has MRB Automation managed to become an innovator for high precision systems? It's been acombination of strong expertise, many years of experience, and an amazing team. Find out more aboutMRB and what it's like to work in this team by clicking here.