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    Our Solutions

    Your Vision Guides Us When We Develop Machines 

    The MRB Automation team develops and manufactures high-precision machines and systems that are specific to the needs of each individual customer. These are used in adjustment processes in particular, such as for measuring and testing individual parts and assemblies, and for calibrating sensors. Our team will take on your demanding tasks and do their utmost to complete them to your full satisfaction. Whatever your requirements are, state-of-the-art image processing systems, high-resolution positioning systems, complex measuring techniques, comprehensive modular software packages and employee expertise will come together to create something truly remarkable.

    Take a look at some of our project testimonials, they speak for themselves.

    Alignment Systems


    Measuring and Testing Systems


    Calibration Systems


    Manufacturing Precision Parts


    Alignment Systems

    06-MRB-loesungen-kontaktbuttonMRB Automation develops adjustment systems for adjusting a wide variety of parts with accuracies down to the nearest micrometer or sub-micrometer. We develop and select the adjustment principle and the technology we need to use based on your specific requirements. This approach guarantees that your alignment will be consistently accurate every time, even in large-scale production.

    Our adjustment system for PHB headlights will keep the roads powerfully lit to keep you safe. Precise measurement & adjustment to the nearest micrometer is crucial for this, and even landed us the Thuringian Innovation Prize in 2016 for our development of the PHB adjustment system.

    MRBs PHB-Justageanlage für PHB-Scheinwerfer hat 2016 den Thüringer Innovationspreis gebracht.Alignment Tasks

    • Aligning primary optics to light sources
    • Measuring 90 LEDs on a PCB using cameras and confocal sensors
    • Measuring primary optics made of silicone with cameras and confocal sensors


    Die Justagesystem-Entwicklung von MRB justiert BiLED-Scheinwerfer.
    • Granite block with vibration dampers as a base
    • Dual station, parts feeding via robot
    • Alignment with hexapods (resolution 0.1 μm)
    • Automatic calibration of all the measuring equipment
    • Automatic MSA mode 
    • Transmitting data to the MES in real time
    • Visualizing extensive results using LabVIEW
    • Alignment control with 3 gap-measuring cameras
    • UV curing





    Measuring and Testing Systems

    06-MRB-loesungen-kontaktbuttonAre you looking for simple and safe, high-precision measuring and testing systems? MRB Automation is the partner for measuring systems and testing machines you need, as we also test parts in ranges below one micrometer. We provide one hundred percent quality control so that your customers are satisfied too. Whether it’s optical, pneumatic or electrical, we always choose the most appropriate measuring method for your complex task. Our measuring and testing systems record, visualize and statistically evaluate all measured values.


    Reliable vane pumps are crucial for ensuring that vehicle power steering systems work safely. Our specially developed optical/tactile measuring and testing system measures  precision metal parts for these vane pumps. 

    Measuring and Testing Tasks

    • Measuring metal parts with the following test criteria
    • Precise parts for
      • Length tolerance ≤ 20 μm  
      • Squareness ≤ 10 μm  
      • Surface defects ≥ 35 μm 
      • Cycle time: 2 seconds


    • Rotary indexing machine with 8 workstations
    • Length measurement with touch probes
    • Color-coded quick setup kits for different part sizes 
    • Surface control with 5 cameras
    • Transmitting data to the MES in real time 
    • Visualizing extensive results

    Calibration Systems

    06-MRB-loesungen-kontaktbuttonThe highest quality goes hand-in-hand with accuracy. We plan, develop and build calibration systems, calibration equipment and automatic calibration machines for your extremely demanding products in the high-precision sector for a wide range of industries. 

    Regardless of the disease, fever is an indicator that must be taken seriously, as even the smallest change in temperature can influence the course of the disease and how medication is administered. Our specially developed calibration system for clinical thermometers guarantees the highest quality, and
    exceptional safety.

    MRB setzt mit seinem Kalibriersystem für Fieberthermometer auf höchste Qualität und Sicherheit.

    Calibration Tasks

    • Calibrating clinical thermometers in water baths with different temperatures 
    • Sorting raw thermometers for further processing                   
    • Final thermometer testing 
    • Laser marking after OK test result 


    In MRBs Kalibriersystem für Fieberthermometer werden diese kalibriert - für höchste Qualität und Sicherheit.


    • Automatic thermometer feeding
    • Water baths with temperature control accurate to one hundredth of a degree 
    • Measuring and testing thermometers with various camera systems
    • Cycle belt with a 2.2-second cycle time
    • Sorting the thermometers with high-speed delta robots

    Manufacturing Precision Parts

    06-MRB-loesungen-kontaktbuttonAre you looking for a service provider who can produce individual parts and small batches for your needs quickly and at the highest quality? At MRB Automation, we know what it takes to produce demanding precision parts.

    • 03-4lx-robotersysteme

    Unser Maschinenpark

    Wir verfügen über modernste CNC-Maschinen mit integrierter CAD/CAM-Lösung. So können wir schnell und flexibel reagieren und Einzelteile sowie Kleinserien für Sie fertigen. 

    Unser Prozessmanagement

    Höchste Qualität sowie die schnelle und einfache Abwicklung Ihres Auftrags stellen wir durch unser effizientes Prozessmanagement sicher. So wissen Sie immer, wo Sie dran sind – von der Anfragenbearbeitung bis zur Auftragsnachbearbeitung. 

    • 03-4lx-robotersysteme

    Wir setzen auf Qualität

    Nicht nur bei der Entwicklung von Hochpräzisionsanlagen, sondern auch in der Fertigung steht Qualität bei uns an oberster Stelle. Ihr Auftrag liegt bei uns in exzellenten Händen. 

    Der Maschinenpark von MRB findet in zwei Fertigungshallen Platz.

    Our Machinery

    We have state-of-the-art CNC machines with a CAD/CAM solution built-in. This allows us to respondquickly and flexibly to produce custom parts, as well as in small series, whatever you need.

    In der Fertigung von Präzisionsteilen wird MRBs Prozessmanagementansatz eingesetzt.

    Our Process Management System

    We always ensure the highest quality, and your order is processed quickly and efficiently via ourprocess management system. You always know where you stand – from having your inquiryprocessed, to following up your order.

    Hochpräzisionsteile mit Qualität werden bei MRB gefertigt.

    We Focus on Quality

    Quality is our top priority, not only when it comes to developing high precision systems, ourmanufacturing is top-of-the-line too. When you order from MRB, you’re in excellent hands.

    Getting To Know MRB

    How has MRB Automation managed to become an innovator for high precision systems? It's been acombination of strong expertise, many years of experience, and an amazing team. Find out more aboutMRB and what it's like to work in this team by clicking here.