Automatic measuring machines
Automatic measuring machine for cylinder heads (Porsche)
Automatic measuring machine for ABS brake blocks
Automatic measuring machine for gearlever housing
In the automotive industry it is a fundamental requirement on all suppliers to offer one hundred per cent inspection of the products; and not in the automotive sphere alone, for in many other industries this degree of quality control is coming to be expected as a matter of course.
At MRB, automatic machinery is designed and produced for precise measurement. The machines measure the dimensions of mass-produced metal parts such as engine cylinders, cylinder heads, pump housings and gear parts.
The dimensions can include such critically important features as the positioning, diameter, circularity and concentricity of drill-holes and the evenness of surfaces.
The technical specifications will dictate which measuring technology is applied, and this may be that of tactile measuring probes, optical sensors with image processing, and/or pneumatic measuring systems.
All measured values are digitally recorded and statistically analysed and can then be transferred via interfaces as data for an overall system, e.g. QDAS.

Depending on the customer’s need, machines will be manufactured either in a fully-automated version with the appropriate process interface, or as a semi-automated machine with manual insertion of smaller quantities or random inspection parts.

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