Image processing systems
Image processing system for piston rod inspection
Image processing system for circular seal inspection
Image processing system to regulate adjustment procedure for shadow masks
MRB Automation designs image processing solutions for quality assurance and process control in every kind of manufacturing situation.
The automatic testing and sorting machines developed by MRB Automation with their integrated image processing systems serve mainly to find dimensional or surface defects through measurement and inspection. Where parts feeding and assembly are concerned, our image processing systems assist in the precise positioning and correct feeding of parts, and in checking that modules are properly assembled.

Examples of the work of our camera systems in the course of manufacturing processes are regulating the shape of glass objects, trimming sheets of foil or stamping sensor elements, all with accuracy specifications on the micrometer scale. The image processing systems are also used for the precise adjustment of parts and the calibration and classification of thermometers.
MRB Automation has the necessary experience to solve your problems, having already installed over 250 systems in the following fields:

sensor technology, car parts manufacture, plastics technology, metalwork, the thermometer industry, glass making, biomedical technology, and electronics.

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